Sons of Freedom

Sons of Freedom is an epic tale of religious and political persecution. The story is based on a pacifist group of Russian immigrants who settled in Canada during the turn of the century, after being expelled from Russia by the Czar.

The script is by John Stark, in collaboration with writer-director, Charles Jarrott, who has over ten major features to his credit, including Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominated film Ann of a Thousand Days. Other award winning films include Mary, Queen of Scots, starring Vanessa Redgrave and Glenda Jackson; and Poor Little Rich Girl. A Canadian feature, The Secret Life of Algernon, starring Charles Durning and John Collum, was Mr. Jarrott's most recent film. Turn of Faith, his most current feature, also stars Charles Durning.

Telefilm Canada, B.C. Film and the Harold Greenberg Fund, have financed this project thus far. The budget is set at 11.5 million, (Can.)

John Stark, the producer and writer, has had numerous projects funded by Canadian government sources, including his internationally acclaimed one-man-show An Evening with Stephen Leacock, which was recorded by RCA and seen on CBC, BBC, and PBS. It is currently airing on the Bravo Network. He has also staged plays in Canada, the U.S. and London, including his world premiere translations of The Family Glembay by Croation Nobel prize nominee Miroslav Krleza. In London and Los Angeles, he produced and directed Chekhov and Maria by Jovanka Bach, The Balkan Trilogy, which was nominated for a Pen West Award, and more recently O'Neill's Ghosts, which is transferring to New York this spring. His book version of An Evening with Stephen Leacock has just been published in Canada. The Great Election, a stage play adapted from Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town by Stephen Leacock premiered recently at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles.

Co-producer and production manager is James Margellos, who has over thirty major films and television series to his credit. His first major production was McCabe and Mrs. Miller, the Robert Altman film. More recently he has helmed television series such as Police Academy, Code Name: Eternity, and The Kennedy's of Massachusetts. His film Slipstream won a Canadian Genie.


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